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About Lui & Lei

Science has proven that genetics play just a small role in how you age, meaning that prevention is key. And Lui & Lei is here to help. We chose to name ourselves Lui & Lei, translating to “He & She” in Italian, because everyone is subject to aging. Aging is a universal condition and Lui & Lei products were uniquely created to help slow down the process.

Lui and Lei was founded and developed by It's Hanbul, Korea’s leading cosmetic R&D center and manufacturer. While most Korean cosmetic companies are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brands, meaning that they repackage existing formulas, Lui & Lei stands out with its incorporation through It’s Hanbul. It’s Hanbul produces all Lui & Lei products directly and exclusively for Lui & Lei.

The official launch of Lui & Lei in 2017 introduces 12 years of top cosmetic research and development to the world. During those 12 years, Lui & Lei's skincare products were formulated and perfected with patented, rare, and unique ingredients. The finished products range from anti-aging to basic-care lines for all ages, all genders, and all skin types because Lui & Lei’s goal is to provide the latest and most innovative technology for all your skincare needs. It’s never too early or too late to start caring for your skin.